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The Damned Don't Cry

Cleanse Fold and Manipulate

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a flock of seagulls, anna faris, autechre, barbarella, betsy russell, birds, blondie, blue velvet, boots, buffy the vampire slayer, cafe flesh, cats, club kids, clueless, cocteau twins, cycling, daf, desperate living, disco, dr. caligari, e.g. daily, eating raoul, ebm, einstürzende neubauten, eraserhead, female trouble, flight of the conchords, flowers, forests, frankenhooker, freaks and geeks, front 242, gardening, geography, ginger snaps, gothic fashion, grackles, harold and maude, heathers, industrial music, italo disco, john waters, juliana hatfield, julie brown, kids in the hall, klinik, krisma, kristin hersh, lemurs, lene lovich, liaisons dangereuses, linda blair, liquid sky, lost, lustmord, martha and the muffins, mary cherry, movies, mr. show, my so-called life, nature, negativland, nell campbell, neuromancer, new order, new romantic, new wave, night court, night of the comet, nu shooz, ornamental grasses, paget brewster, party doll a go-go, penny flame, pointy buckle boots, pump up the volume, rinse dream, rock and rule, rockula, rocky horror picture show, roller boogie, run lola run, sctv, seinfeld, shirley manson, shox lumania, skinny puppy, sleater-kinney, some kind of wonderful, stacey q, stephen sayadian, stretch jeans, striped tights, survivor, synth pop, taupe, techno, the apple, the ben stiller show, the daily show, the flirts, the holy mountain, the human league, the simpsons, the warriors, throwing muses, toronto, trees, twin peaks, valley girl, visage, weird tv, welding goggles, xanadu, zombies, zooey deschanel